Get a DJ Website!



Getting A DJ Website

Many people underestimate the need for a good DJ website – a great page can be found here that will explain how the website affects a DJ.

This site has an unbiased review and methods of getting a free website for your DJ career. You need to make sure that you have a website if you are a DJ. It’s a fact, and that essentially what this website summarises as. The free website offer they have is brilliant and should be used by any DJ that is looking to expand their career. It is what separates you from other doss that are just in their bedroom making terrible mixes on virtual DJ who have never done a good mix live in public in their life. Turntables!? What are they? Yeah – those kinds of djs.

So now you understand why you need a website its kind of obvious why Facebook A twitter etc are not very good for your image. Sure they can connect you to thousands of other people but this is something that anyone else can have. Making professional website is something many dj and many good dj at that don’t have.

Got a business card? Nope? Well maybe getting a website and a business card at the same time is the kind of thing you need to e doing. You need to start marketing yourself as a business, not just a DJ. When you look at everything you purchase for your promotional materials (DJ websites. Do flyers etc) then you can begin to understand why your image is important.

So take a break from the decks – get involved in your promotions. Sure you get to spend less time checking out the latest awesome remix – but who cares. If you have no gigs, no one to play to, and no one except you is going to hear it anyway!

Remember that promotion yourself online is the most effective way for a dj to get exposure. Making sure that you can get our images, and mix tapes heard by thousands of people world wide – in a well designed promotional site is of the upmost importance. So get to it!